Hedge trimmer

Hedges are a decorative element increasingly present in the garden. These can be high, low, medium, thick and thin. Each type of hedge requires different care and interventions, but all hedges require cutting and shearing. The devices that allow these operations to take place are called hedge trimmers. In our section you will find many contents dedicated to the different types of hedge trimmers, to their operating and use methods, to their cleaning and maintenance methods. But not only, in the same section we will explore all the features of these tools and all the technical curiosities that allow us to use them in the best way and with the least expenditure of time and effort. Meanwhile, let's try to shed light on some aspects that we will discuss in more detail in the homonymous section called "hedge trimmer". Hedge trimmers are garden tools that are used to cut the branches and foliage of hedges.
With these tools the hedges take on an orderly and regular shape. Hedge trimmers also serve to control the growth of hedges in height. Depending on the type of blade, hedge trimmers can cut branches and leaves, or cut some parts of very thick and sturdy hedges. Generally, hedge trimmers are like chainsaws with metal bodies, fixed handles and serrated blades. The metal body is usually covered with tempoplastic material, while the blades can also be extendable. The latter are suitable for cutting on very high and thick hedges. The choice of hedge trimmers must be made paying close attention to the cutting capacity and power of the blades. The same, in fact, are designed to cut and shear fine and thin hedges, but also medium, high and very thick hedges. The thinner blades will therefore serve for low, small and thin hedges, while the more robust ones, for thicker and thicker hedges, both low and high. The hedge trimmers are now almost all mechanical and run on petrol, electricity or battery. The very powerful petrol hedge trimmers support the strongest blades. As a disadvantage, these tools present the fact of being very noisy. The electric hedge trimmers are instead equipped with wire to be connected to the power supply socket. The wire can cause difficulties in movement, which is why companies are increasingly producing rechargeable electric hedge trimmers. These hedge trimmers work with a power supply that is recharged with electricity. During work, therefore, rechargeable electric hedge trimmers do not create disruption to movement. Finally, there are also battery hedge cutters. The autonomy of these tools is approximately fifty minutes. Both the electric and battery-powered hedge trimmers are very quiet. In the choice of hedge trimmers, the length of the blades, the type and the cutting capacity must be evaluated. A half-meter long blade, for example, with a double cut type and a capacity of eighteen millimeters, is used to cut fine hedges. Another factor to consider when choosing the hedge trimmer is also the weight and balance of the tool. Too heavy hedge trimmers can tire too much, making the cuts inaccurate or worse. The best hedge trimmers are the balanced ones, that is those in which the weight of the blade, the body and the handle are equally distributed in length. It must also be said that electric and battery-powered hedge trimmers are lighter than those with a gasoline or petrol engine. It could not be otherwise, since the internal combustion engine must be filled with a certain number of liters of petrol. Fortunately, today, the ways of technology are like those of the Lord, or "infinite", and there are also petrol hoppers, practical, light and balanced. Hedge trimmers must also ensure ease and ease of movement. For this reason, it is advisable to choose those with adjustable handles and with shoulder straps. Further details on the recommendations for selection will be contained in the articles of our section. The hedge trimmer blades are removable. This allows you to store them in the case. Never leave blades unattended: they could be picked up and used by children with the risk of serious accidents. After each use, the blades must also be cleaned and free of debris and plant remains. This guarantees its long life and long use. To make them last even longer, it is also advisable to oil them regularly. To obtain precise and regular cuts, it is also necessary to check that the blades are well sharpened. The costs of the hedge cutters vary according to the model, its quality and mode of operation and the power of the blades. Electric hedge trimmers are bought for around fifty euros. More expensive rechargeable electric ones, whose price fluctuates between one hundred and one hundred and fifty euros. Never go below 100 euros for motorized hedge trimmers. The new generation models are in fact made with a two-stroke engine that increases the speed of work and the power of the blades. The cost of these tools is between 200Ђ-300Ђ.